Children in Hot Vehicles

Videos and PSAs

A number of outstanding and thought provoking videos and Public Service Announcements raising awareness about heatstroke deaths of children in in vehicles. Below are some of the ones that have come to my attention. Please let me know of others.

Ray Ray's Pledge Heatstroke Awareness (source: Kristie Reeves Cavaliero)

Faces of Heatstroke (source: Sarah Laatsch of Team Ray Ray)

One Decison (source: RedCastle Productions)

Interview inside a Hot Car (source: Jacob Wycoff, WeatherBug)

Autopilot SD: Prevent child vehicular #heatstroke (source: RRP and Jacob Ramon)

Heatstroke 30 (source: Kids and Cars)

Texas DPS Safe Kids Program PSA (Beth Warren and Fort Worth PD)

Baby in Hot Car (source: ABC "What Would You Do?")

Animation of Car Heating (source: GM)