Seven year old Norman boy found by sister in car trunk July 14, 2005 - Mike Wallace - (Montgomery Co. - Editor)

A Norman child remains in critical condition in a Little Rock hospital this week after spending an undetermined amount of time locked in the trunk of a car.

Jeffery Stauffnecker, 7, was found at 3 p.m. on July 5 by his sister, Crystal, locked in the trunk of a 1998 Pontiac GrandAm at his motherís home on Water Town Road in Norman.

Crystal Stauffnecker, 19, of Mount Ida had gone to her motherís home after working a shift at the Montgomery County Nursing Home. She said she found the house unlocked, which she said was unusual, and found her mother, Charlotte Stauffnecker, 40, asleep.

After inquiry about the boyís whereabout, the sister began searching the yard area. She stated she heard the sound of panting coming from the carís trunk and went to get the carís keys to unlock the trunk where she found the child.

The mother and daughter rushed the child inside and submerged him in a cold bath before calling 911 for assistance. First responders arrived at the scene and gave the child oxygen. Southwest EMS personnel then transported Jeffery to St. Josephís Hospital in Hot Springs. He was later transported to Arkansas Childrenís Hospital in Little Rock.

Montgomery County Chief Deputy Sheriff Gary Hogue said Monday morning that the boy was in critical condition and that doctors were uncertain whether he would recover.