Eleven-month old baby dies in hot car in Walker County, Ga.

Police are investigating after an 11-month old infant died after being left in a vehicle for approximately two hours this afternoon, according to the Walker County Sheriff's Department.

The incident happened at the 900 block of Kensington Road in Chickamauga.

According to the release, the grandparents of the child, Kyle and Meta Hendershot, the mother and the infant son returned home from church at 3 p.m. At that point everybody left the car, except the child.

The mother was sleeping in the house for about two hours, as she works a night shift. When she woke up, the release said, she asked where the child was. It was at this point the grandparents realized the child was not in the home.

The family found the child in the car and called 911 at 5:21 p.m. and started performing CPR. The child was transported to Hutcheson Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, the release said.

Sheriff Steve Wilson said the temperature in the car could have reached 131-172 degrees in as little as 15 minutes. The child's body is being transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The case is being investigated by the Walker County Sheriff's Office and the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Child Fatality Review Team.

UPDATE: Walker County infant dies after being left in hot car for more than two hours

UPDATE: The Walker County Sheriff has released the name of the infant left in a hot car in Chickamauga on Saturday.

Sheriff Steve Wilson said 11-month-old Jaxon Taylor did not survive after being left inside a SUV for more than two hours. Currently, investigators believe the infant’s death was an accident. However, criminal charges have not been ruled out yet.

It was a humid 90-degrees outside on Saturday. Wilson said temperatures inside a car can climb up to 170 degrees within 15 minutes.

The Sheriff’s Office said the baby’s grandparents, Kyle and Meta Hendershot, attended a church service that afternoon. Upon returning to their home on Kensington Road in Chickamauga, the baby’s grandparents, aunt, and cousin went inside without realizing baby Jaxon was still in his car seat.

The child's grandparents were watching the infant while the child's mother, Mandie, slept for her third-shift nursing job at Hutcheson Medical Center.

After the mother woke up, she discovered her child had been left in the hot car. She tried reviving him with CPR and cold water, but it was too late.

Wilson believes poor communication likely contributed to the child’s tragic death.

"We believe, at this point, that each adult may have thought the other adult had responsibility to get that child out. When they got inside, they just did not confirm or communicate that to each other," Wilson said.

It's a tough case, even for law enforcement veterans. Wilson said it hits close to home, because he has a two-year-old granddaughter.

"I was at her birthday party when I got the call yesterday, and I get emotional thinking about it," the Sheriff said, pushing back tears.

"It hit me so hard just thinking about the child, the family, what they're going through, and what they'll be going through for weeks and years to come."

PREVIOUS STORY: The Walker County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of an infant left in a hot car for more than two hours at a home in Chickamauga.

Deputies say the aunt of the 11-month-old boy, along with the boy’s grandparents, and another infant in an SUV, arrived home from church around 3:00 p.m. All exited the vehicle but left the child inside the SUV.

Police say the mother of the boy, who works a night shift, was inside the home, asleep.

Two hours later she woke up asking her parents where the child was. After finding him in the SUV she began CPR and called 911.

Investigators and emergency responders arrived at the home on Kensington Road just before 5:30 Saturday evening. The child was transported to Hutcheson Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says the temperature reached 88 to 90 degrees Saturday afternoon with 48 percent humidity. He says the temperature in a closed vehicle can reach as high as 131 – 172 degrees in as little as 15 minutes.

The infant’s death is currently under investigation by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit’s Child Fatality review team.

The body will be transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab for an autopsy.