UPDATED: Baby Dies After Being Left in Car
Posted: Jun 12, 2014 4:45 PM PDT

ARDMORE, OK -- A Carter County family is heartbroken after their baby died today from being left in a hot car.

Investigators say a family member was watching the infant and left her in the car around 7 o'clock Thursday morning.

She was found around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Neighbors say they were surprised when when police and emergency vehicles rushed the 600 block of 2nd avenue.

That surprise turned to shock when they heard the news.

"It hit all the parents hard," said James Dachtler, a father of three. "Everybody around here has got kids. Down the street here. Around the corner. It hits home."

"Me and my wife we were in there and we still have goosebumps on me right now," said Trevor Nail, who lives next door. "Because there's nothing you can do, you want to ask yourself what you could've done but there's nothing we could've done over there."

Late Thursday afternoon, police arrested 42-year old Richard Chastain for negligent homicide.

Family members we spoke to didn't want to comment on camera but want to know why the infant was left unattended.

"That's what we'll keep on asking ourselves over and over," said Nail. "'How do you forget a kid in the car?' That's all we can probably keep asking ourselves."

"I mean that's the last thing you want to see just right next door," said Dachtler. "I mean that's just hard."

Police are still investigating whether or not Chastain was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.