BREAKING: Kamden Johnson Died In Daycare Van, Court Documents Show

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – Court documents filed in the Manslaughter case against Valarie Patterson indicate that Kamden Johnson died from being left in the daycare’s van. Final autopsy results have not been released but preliminary results showed there was no physical trauma to the 5-year-old boy.

Court documents also show that Patterson, after finding Kamden in the van, dumped his body “on the side of Demotroplis Road.”

There is no mention of Johnson’s death being attributed to a hot vehicle, but the high temperature that day was 93-degrees.

On Wednesday, Jasmyn Williams Johnson, the mother of Kamden Johnson, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the daycare and its owners. The civil suit alleges that the daycare owners, Carl and Angela Coker, along with Preschool Academy Director Kenya Anderson, were negligent in the operation of the unlicensed daycare causing the death of Kamden.

The suit alleges that the Community Ministries Nursery and Preschool Academy failed to provide safe and adequate care of Kamden, that they were negligent in hiring Valarie Patterson, and failed to adequately screen or conduct a background check on Patterson.

In addition to the claims of negligence, the suit continues and alleges that the actions of the daycare and its workers were wanton.

Valarie Rena Patterson was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with abuse of a corpse. Just before her bond hearing Wednesday morning on that charge, District Attorney Ashley Rich announced that a warrant for Manslaughter had been signed against Patterson.

Patterson is due in court this morning, WKRG will have more details on this developing story.