Authorities: 3-year-old child dies in Monroe County after being found in locked car

The MCSO said the child was found by his grandmother unresponsive inside a locked car. Attempts to revive the boy were unsuccessful.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office said a 3-year-old boy is dead after he was found inside a locked car.

Authorities said the incident is still under investigation. Deputies responded after the child was found unresponsive in a locked car after being left there for around 35 minutes.

Attempts to revive the child were unsuccessful.

Authorities said they spoke to the child's grandmother and guardian, who said she had been mowing the neighbor's lawn at the time.

The grandmother told authorities the child had been left in the care of a 15-year-old at the residence who was watching other children at the time.

At some point, the grandmother noticed the boy wasn't around and asked the teen where he was, according to deputies.

When they eventually located the child in the car, the grandmother said she took him inside and tried to revive him, but was unsuccessful.

Deputies said the vehicle's doors were locked and unable to be opened from the inside with the handles.

The grandmother said the car had been parked at the residence that morning and had not been moved.

The child was taken to Sweetwater Hospital.

This is a developing story. Updates will be posted as new information becomes available.