Eagle Pass Child Left Inside Locked Automobile Dies From Heat Exhaustion

By: Miguel Munoz, Eagle Pass Business Journal, Inc., Copyright 2018

The Eagle Pass, Texas Police Department reports receiving a 911 call regarding a young child was left inside a locked automobile with its windows closed at the Eagle Pass High School parking lot at approximately 4:30 P.M. on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, causing the Eagle Pass Police and Fire Departments to rescue the child from the automobile and transport the child to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center for treatment of severe heat exhaustion.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department EMS Paramedics provided oxygen to the young child and desperately attempted to resuscitate the child at the scene and while in route to the local medical center emergency room.

According to the Eagle Pass Police Department, the young child is believed to have been a female of six months old passed away at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center from heat exhaustion-related causes.

The father of the young child works at Eagle Pass High School and appears to have forgotten to take the child to the daycare and left her inside his locked automobile.

The Eagle Pass Police Department is investigating the fatal incident. It is unknown as of press time if any state criminal charges will be filed against any individual who may have negligently and/or recklessly left the child inside the locked Automobile.

The name of the child and its parents have not been released as of press time.